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Bumper: Sitrep #012


  1. The Bumper team is growing with two new team members starting in the last week
  2. Litepaper is on the way
  3. We’re kicking off a programme of testing and insights

Stand by for Bumper Sitrep #012.

Bumper Numbers

Circulating Supply: 23m (9.21%)

$BUMP price: $0.0742
24h Price Change: -0.89%
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $18,541,938
Circulating Market Cap: $1,708,029.7576

Staking Total: 14,433,036.1918 BUMP
Epoch #11 Results (APR): 0%

As at March 31, 2022

Let’s start with some great news…

Kicking off this Sitrep we all want to send a massive congrats to Jonathan on the birth of his baby daughter. She’s already joined us on a team call and was quickly soothed to sleep with our talk of balancing pools and protection premiums.

Development Progress

It’s full steam ahead across all of our work streams (Design, Web2, Web3, and Simulation). In our last update we reported that most of our team were back online after difficulties they were experiencing being based in Ukraine, but this did unfortunately take a little longer than expected to fully get everyone back to full capacity. But, everyone is now (relatively) safe and sound and charging on with the Bumper build.

Check out the latest Tech Update on Discord:

New Paper in the Works

We’re aiming to release a “Litepaper” in the coming weeks.

As the date approaches for Bumper’s v1.0 Auryn launch, we will be soon due for a fresh content drop of cryptoeconomic and technical content. While we toil away at finalising our contracts and simulation code, Sam is also preparing a new paper for the Bumper community that discusses with greater specificity some of Bumper’s more detailed mechanics. For those of you who are keen to dive a little deeper under the hood, this will be your best chance yet to understand Bumper’s mechanisms.

The Litepaper joins our other “Rainbow Papers” which will ultimately be transcribed to Bumper’s public Gitbook, or individually downloadable in traditional PDF.

In case you missed it on one of our previous updates, the Rainbow Papers are:

Litepaper [NEW]:
Abridged, more illustrative, and more accessible version of the Whitepaper.

Academic style paper describing Bumper from an economic theory perspective, including implications and discussion on implementation.

Bumper protocol formal specification.

Bumper protocol modelling and analysis specification.

Blackpaper [RETIRED]:
Specific to Bumper protocol native token design and distribution. Information now contained in Gitbook and other papers.

Flashpaper [RETIRED]:
Bumper initial concept paper.

Roadmap Changes

We are due to update the roadmap on the Bumper website with the latest detail. While you may have noticed some date changes based on our revised development and audit schedule, we also need to update the individual roadmap items to better reflect the feature mix we’re now planning on rolling out in the Auryn Release (v1.0). Some items will merge, others will be split out, several will be brought forward, and, likely, a few will get more interesting names… We’ll be sure to announce it on Discord and Medium when it gets its refresh!

New Starters

Recruiting efforts to grow our world class team are starting to pay off with two new starters joining us in the last week. We’re excited to have filled the roles of Senior Operations Manager and Content Manager.

Our new Operations Manager will be rolling up his sleeves to get the Bumper operations running smooooth as we prepare to launch this game-changing DeFi protocol.

Look out for even more detail on the nuts and bolts of the protocol as our new Content Manager gets his teeth stuck into a reinvigorated content strategy. If you’ve got any suggestions for content we can throw into the mix, drop them into Discord. We’re also looking forward to seeing how his Meme game compares to our resident meme-ster JauntTrooper.

Testing and Insights

With the protocol moving closer to release we’re kicking off some further testing and insight work. Making sure Bumper solves real world problems for users, and communicating our message in the right way are key elements vital for success. This means digging into peoples’ motivations for using the protocol and building campaigns based on that.

Another part of delivering an exceptional product is usability testing. Testing our assumptions on the process and design in the hands of actual users. For anyone interested, we require testers to run through various scenarios in the dApp to help us to refine the UX and UI. We’ll be reaching out shortly to our community for help with this. Look out for the registration form in Discord.

Press / News / Events

The next Bumper Office Hours Update will be live on Youtube at 10am UTC 14/04/22 — make sure you subscribe to our channel to get an alert when we go live.

[Convention] BTC 2022 — April 6–9
[Convention] Permissionless — May 17–19
[Convention] Consensus — June 9–12
[Convention] Token 2049 — September 28–29

About Bumper

Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol. Set the price you want to protect and if the market crashes, your asset will never fall below that price. Importantly, if the market pumps, your asset rises too.

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Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.