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Bumper Sitrep #016


1. Audit & simulation progress.
2. Bumper at Permissionless, and Consensus ’22 upcoming.
3. Bumper Summary
4. Development / tech updates.

Stand by for Bumper Sitrep #016.

Bumper Numbers

Circulating Supply: 25,480,626.5000 (10.19%)
BUMP price: $0.04267
24h Price Change: -5.35%
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $10,667,500
Circulating Market Cap: $1,087,258.33

Staking Total: 14,559,533.4838 BUMP
Epoch #14 Results (APR): 0.00%

As at May 19, 2022

Audit & Simulation Progress

In our previous Sitrep #015, we announced the activation of CodeLock, signalling that we were about to send our smart contracts to independent auditors for review. This process has now started and the audit is ongoing.

Simulations are also in progress, with developers working on desirable functionality and fine-tuning parameters for testing the performance of the protocol.

We’ve fully integrated a ‘black-box’ test layer in between the contract code and the simulation code, and are keeping them in sync. What’s great is that the simulation now has the same fidelity as the live environment.

Bumper at Permissionless

At this very moment, CEO Jonathan DeCarteret is schmoozing at Permissionless in Palm Beach, Florida.

Although the markets were down, it couldn’t prevent over 7000 builders, developers and titans of crypto and DeFi from showing up to discuss everything from DeFi to regulation, and yes, of course much of the discussion centred around last week’s unprecedented events with the collapse of Terra.

Castle Island Ventures CEO Nic Carter was just one of many who said publicly that he believed Terra UST was always doomed to fail. He went on to say that one of the issues in the crypto world was projects which shrouded themselves in a veil of complexity and opaqueness.

Maker DAO’s Sam McPherson went on to say that he believes that the whole UST saga highlighted the need for over-collateralisation and why this more conservative approach was important. This is an interesting side note for us at Bumper with regards to the creation of Bumpered Assets which can negate the possibility of liquidation due to their protected floor.

If you were there, did you happen to ‘Bump’ into Jonathan (pun intended)? Some of the pictures he sent back to us included this retro arcade area which it’s fair to say sparked great nostalgia here at Bumper HQ.

Finally, don’t forget we will also be at Consensus 2022 in Texas in June, so if you’re going to be there, come and find us as we invite crypto enthusiasts to ‘take the day off’ (from worrying about the price).

Bumper Summary

The newly expanded marketing team decided it was time to start looking at the Bumper website and refreshing some of the content here.

One of the first tasks was to publish a nice fresh new looking page which summarises the protocol, making it a little easier for those who are new to Bumper to get a good overview on a single webpage. We also included some screenshots of what the dApp’s updated UI will look like.

For Sentinels who are having conversations with your friends and colleagues about Bumper, this is a great place to send them to help them gain a general understanding before they go looking at documentation such as the Flashpaper and Litepaper.

Find the new Bumper summary page here: https://bumper.fi/bumper-summary

Development Progress

Work continues across all streams (Web2, Web3, Design) with some of the latest development updates include:

  • Smart Contract audit is progressing, and we’re improving the codebase as it progresses.
  • Preparation of deployment scripts.
  • Majority of the UX flows for the dApp completed.
  • Begun internal testing of the UI/UX.

You can check out the latest Tech Updates on the #Development channel in our Discord:


Office Hours

Our next Office Hours live stream will be taking place on Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 10am UTC: Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel to get an alert when we go live.

Watch the full live stream of our previous Office Hours session on Youtube, which we covered a range of topics including:

Press / News / Events

Bumper will be at the following upcoming Expo’s and conferences:

[Convention] Consensus — June 9–12.
[Convention] Token 2049 — September 28–29.

About Bumper

Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol. Set the price you want to protect and if the market crashes, your asset will never fall below that price. Importantly, if the market pumps, your asset rises too.

Stay Connected to the Bumper Project:

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Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.