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Crypto Defender Hall of Fame — Winners Announcement

Smart Bombs Deployed. All levels cleared. The volatility aliens have been vanquished.

And it’s time to announce the Winners of the Bumper Crypto Defender competition and unveil the final leaderboard.

With literally thousands of games being played, with all those taking part having the opportunity to see and experience the Bumper dApp, we can now unveil the greatest warriors in the crypto-universe.

Known to the world only by their Hall of Fame initials, coming in right at the top of the Hall of Fame is A M I who is officially crowned the Galaxy Ranger of the Crypto-space who not only gets bodacious bragging rights, but also takes the champions prize of $1000 in USDC tokens.

Second place, winning $500 USDC and the title of Marauder goes to F A R , and in third position our space cadet T O U wins $250 USDC.

All the winners have been contacted after the official announcement, which was made during the Bumper Office Hours livestream on June 23, 2022.

Hyperspace Twitter Sharers

A further prize of $50 each in USDC tokens is going to the following players (Twitter handles):


Each sharer will be contacted by us shortly, with each having 5 days in which to respond with their details.

Protect your crypto with Bumper

Didn’t Win the Contest? Never Mind, You can still protect your wallet using Bumper’s unique price protection. Whilst Crypto Defender was just a game, the real, live Bumper protocol is launching very soon.

And even though the competition has ended, you too can have a go at protecting your crypto from the dreaded volatility aliens, and get a sneak preview of the (soon to be launched) Bumper dApp by playing the game here.

Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who took part.


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