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Crypto Defender — Try the Bumper dApp in arcade format

If you were lucky enough to have grown up in the 1980’s, you’ll know the joy of playing arcade games, and whilst there were many of them, some more memorable than others, there were definitely a few which stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Defender was one of those games. A horizontal scrolling, rocket propelled shoot-em-up which required nerves of steel and the sort of joystick mastery you normally only find in Top Gun fighter pilots. It was tough to beat, and playing it raised our heartbeats and adrenaline levels more than any amount of sugary additive-laced sweets ever could. We loved it, and it was part of our childhood.

So it is with great pleasure that we at Bumper would like to unveil our own version, Crypto Defender.

Crypto Defender from Bumper: Protect your crypto from volatility

Ok, so it’s not quite the same as the original Williams Electronics game that we remember so fondly, but we felt that a bit of a nod back to one of the most popular games of the era was in order, and so we decided it was time to let the community test drive the Bumper dApp in a game format whilst we continue towards our forthcoming protocol launch.

The premise of Crypto Defender is simple.

Marauding volatility aliens pose an existential threat to your wallet. Your job is to protect it at all costs, using only your wits, skill and the Bumper Crypto protection dApp.

Defending your wallet means going back in time in crypto history. Use the Bumper dApp to save your crypto from raging volatility, and then return back to the future to see your score.

Be the hero of the hour and come out with the highest score, and not only could you be crowned champion Crypto Defender, but you could win some absolutely RAD prizes too.


Crypto Defender Prize Pool

It’s not all fun and games you know…

The game basically allows players to see what Bumper does by simulating real market volatility. All the players have to do is pick their price floor, term and the amount of their in-game wallet they wish to protect (everyone gets 10 ETH to play with, which would ordinarily be really generous, but alas it won’t be real ETH).

The game deducts a premium and then the volatility starts. This will mimic real price changes which have happened historically, and eventually each player will end up with a final score based on how well their wallet did over the course of the simulation.

Users will get a great insight into how the Bumper dApp works by playing the game, including an early view of the dApp, and some of the options you have when you want to open a position.

Yes, It’s all a bit of fun, but it has a serious point to it. We’d like everyone to have some knowledge of what Bumper is, in the run up to our real-world launch, because we know when you finally realise what it is to be able to defend your crypto from outta-space baddies, you’ll definitely be making Bumper part of your crypto trading strategy.

After unveiling Crypto Defender at Consensus 2022, one of the world’s biggest crypto shows, now it’s your chance to have an opportunity to blast some volatility aliens by playing Crypto Defender here:



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