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Join the Team BUIDLing God-Mode for Crypto

Most startups will say that they are truly innovative, but how many are doing something nobody else in the world is attempting, in a sector that didn’t exist 5 years ago?

DeFi still feels like the world’s best kept secret.

There is no doubt in the minds of anyone close to the scene that DeFi will fundamentally change the way we live. All we need is innovators willing to take those early steps to build products that will blow traditional, centralised finance options out of the water.

That is what we are building at Bumper.

Even for people who have taken the time to develop a fundamental understanding of crypto investing (and the wider DeFi sphere), we hear the words difficult and risky. What if we said that we had created a simple and effective way to manage the risk involved in crypto investing?

The Bumper protocol will allow users to protect the underlying value of their crypto asset against all kinds of volatility levels.

We call it “God-Mode for Crypto!”

The scope of the protocol will reach all corners of the user landscape, from retail to degens to institutions. Already, the simulations are proving radically cheaper and more efficient than traditional options instruments.

If you are not excited by this concept, then there are going to be easier places to work. If you are obsessed with DeFi and have the guts to take on the responsibility of helping us launch Bumper, then look no further.

Assembling the Elite

Bumper are building a team of the elite, the cream of the crop. A team that not only believe in the potential for DeFi to change the face of finance, but have the combined talent and skills to lead that charge.

We want our elite clan to have diverse stories, experiences and be able to bring new ideas to the table, so diversity and inclusion are in our DNA. We believe that creating something amazing begins with fostering a culture of belonging at Bumper. To us, a culture of belonging is one where we celebrate and welcome the diversity of all employees, stakeholders, and external partners and strive to create an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and brings their authentic self to work.

What does this mean for anyone who joins our clan?

You will be constantly inspired and helped to thrive by like-minded people. Even though we are spread across the globe, we have an extremely close-knit team. We encourage forward thinking and support each other in ensuring that we get even the most far out ideas turned into reality. Every team member has a say in shaping our future.

Everyone at Bumper is inspired to do and create new things — not just work with things as they are. We believe in forward-thinking ideas and have the foundations of a team that can make those ideas a reality. A result of this is a constantly evolving, forward thinking roadmap that is ripe for any new and brilliant ideas presented, meaning every member of the team has it in their power to see even their most far-out ideas become a reality.

What you will work on

As we are a small team (but one which is looking to scale quickly) you will have the opportunity to get involved in projects outside of your standard responsibilities whilst being supported by experts.

Whether you’re helping write the code for our crypto cheat-mode, working to get the best out of our incredible team, or marketing to our amazing community, you’ll be part of a team getting Bumper ready for the world — and paving the way for our ambitious plans.

Our team will be working to rollout our Roadmap — and the features, enhancements and integrations that are going to strengthen our product and deliver maximum impact for users of our amazing product.

You’ll get the freedom and autonomy to pursue ideas and make decisions that will improve the product and bring those ideas to reality. This will mean writing your own journey, prioritising some problems over others and creating solutions without someone looking over your shoulder.

Built on Solidity, and Ethereum native, with plans to simultaneously deploy to other EVM native chains. A long roadmap of planned features and upgrades, including integrating L2 and/or ETH 2.0 is in the pipeline, but our primary goal for the near future is to release v001. The project is fully decentralised (with the exception of the semi-centralised Chainlink price feed, for now).

Join us in taking Bumper to the world.

Contact Bumper: Send an email along with your resume to careers@bumper.fi

Originally published at https://www.bumper.fi.



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Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.