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Sitrep #021

Bumper Sitrep 021

Key Takeaways

1. Midway through Alpha Testing
2. Community Survey Results
3. Coin Market Cap Feed Issue Resolved

Standby for Sitrep #021

Bumper Numbers

Circulating Supply: 31,565,042.67 (12.63%)
BUMP price: $0.06154
Price Changes: 24h: +7.5% 7d: +5.3% 30d: +120.6%
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $15,385,000
Circulating Market Cap: $1,942,512

As at July 28, 2022

Midway through Alpha Testing

In our last Sitrep, we announced we were about to activate the FALKOR release, and as of now, we’re midway through the protocol Alpha testing phase.

This is mostly internal testing of the Bumper dApp, with multiple users taking on the various positions in the protocol.

Whilst part of the focus was for each Alpha tester to act as normally as possible (and consider it a LIVE environment), we wanted to make sure that all possible flows were covered, so individuals chose whether to take on a Maker or Taker role.

Whichever they chose, they were provided with a limited amount of the relevant assets to play with, all based on our own private Ethereum test network.

With around a total of $100,000 worth of these assets locked into the system, the game of crypto commenced, with multiple positions being opened, closed and renewed, and all the results being painstakingly recorded.

We will publish preliminary results next week once testing finishes, after which we will move onto our Beta testing, where we will be asking YOU the community to come and try out the dApp in a testing environment, and give us your feedback.

This is an exciting time for all of us at Bumper, as we are finally seeing our creation come to life…

All the deets coming soon, so do keep an eye out in our Discord announcements channel to find out how to become a Beta tester.

Community Survey Results

Our community survey results are in, and the response has been fantastic.

We gained some fascinating insights, with more than three quarters of those who took part saying they were likely to use the protocol to either protect their crypto or earn a yield on their stablecoin deposits, and almost half said they’d likely do BOTH.

We also discovered that a lot of respondents are pretty clued up on DeFi, and many use multiple tools and platforms to grow their holdings.

Possibly even more importantly, especially in light of the recent meltdowns in the crypto space, we discovered that, far from feeling utterly deflated, the community generally has a positive sentiment and outlook when it comes to DeFi.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey and give us your thoughts relating to Bumper, and the wider DeFi world.

Coinmarket Cap Feed

If Bumper is in your Watchlist on CoinMarketCap (and if not, really, why not…?) then you may have noticed there were a couple of occasions over the last week when the feed just suddenly… stopped…

CMC’s engineering support team confirmed it was caused by an error at their end which occurred during a server migration. There was no issue with the feed, nor the DEX, and the issue is now resolved.

OPs don’t mess about getting fixes sorted!

And whilst we are on it, did you know that CoinMarketCap has it’s own community and Bumper are a part of it? And you can help more people become aware of Bumper by joining it, and reading, upvoting and sharing some articles.

Spread the word for when we go live and lets get more people protecting and earning with Bumper… so follow us, and come and say ‘Hi’.

Rejigging the Discord

Over the coming days, you may start to notice a few small changes in our Discord server. We’re playing around and trying to give it a little overhaul so it can better serve all of our community.

Stay tuned, and if you aren’t already in the Bumper Discord server…well, what’s your malfunction?


Bumper is currently looking to hire a Senior Solidity Architect. If you have a minimum 12 months experience, and are a deeply skilled EVM/Solidity engineer, we want to hear from you! Full details on the role here.

We also have other vacancies in both our Engineering, Business/Operations and Community teams.

For the full list of current vacancies, visit our careers page.

Development Progress

Work continues across all streams. Latest development updates include:

  • Alpha release deployment and preparation for Beta testing
  • Mobile device UI
  • Simulation functionality upgrades

You can view the latest development update here.

Office Hours

Our next Office Hours live stream will be taking place on Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 10am UTC: Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel to get an alert when we go live.

Watch the full live stream of our previous Office Hours session on Youtube.

We were expecting a guest visit from one of our partners Oliver Gale of Panther Protocol, however unfortunately, at the last minute he was unable to join. That’s the life of a blockchain CEO! Regardless, we covered an interesting range of topics including:

  • Alpha Testing
  • Trader usage cases
  • Beta Testing
  • State of the Market

About Bumper

Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol. Set the price you want to protect and if the market crashes, your asset will never fall below that price. Importantly, if the market pumps, your asset rises too.

Stay Connected to Bumper:

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Any information provided on this publication is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, recommendations, or any form of solicitation. No reliance can be placed on any information, content, or material stated on this publication. Accordingly, you must verify all information independently before utilising the Bumper protocol, and all decisions based on any information are your sole responsibility, and we shall have no liability for such decisions. Conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Visit our website for full terms and conditions.



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Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.