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2 min readDec 19, 2023

A new way to trade volatility has arrived with Bumper v1.1 on Arbitrum today. Users can now take out hedged positions with a protected floor up to 99%, with the added feature of cancellations traders can protect their holdings from downside volatility but also trade off it.

With greater flexibility than a DeFi Put Option, and cheaper premiums, Bumper brings a suite of new trading strategies to crypto traders’ playbooks. Traders and hodlers alike have the opportunity to beat the market and maximise their returns.

It’s not just about protection, stablecoin yield hunters can support the protocol and earn real yields derived from premiums paid.

The latest release brings with it two new markets — wstETH/USDT and wBTC/USDT. Creating a wstETH market launches Bumper into the LSTfi sector and unlocks a new opportunity to trade with staked ETH and beat yield farming using one of the many new strategies.

Early User Incentives

To help drive adoption and familiarisation with Bumper’s new interface we’ve removed the trading fee for all positions taken. In addition, we are giving up to a $25 premium rebate on early hedged positions. This is also on top of the BUMP tokens users earn for interacting with the protocol.

To qualify for the premium rebate users need to take out a position to the value of at least $1,000. There will be one rebate airdrop per wallet. Epoch one is now live and will run for 1 week, or until 2,500 USDT in premiums have been rebated.

Master Volatility

So whether you’re a long term crypto holder or day trader, Bumper lets you truly master volatility and maximise your returns in the crypto market.

Open your first position today — app.bumper.fi



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Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.