Shutting down Bumpers

and Captioned

Ian Ownbey
2 min readFeb 6, 2018


Sadly we need to start the process of shutting down Bumpers & Captioned. We have been working to broaden podcasting for the last 3 years now and but due to lack of growth and funding we aren’t able to continue any longer.


We will leave Bumpers up until March 6th 2018 at which time it will go into read-only mode for at least 60 days. We strongly encourage you to move your content off (or download it locally) before then.

Captioned will be removed from the app store immediately and will go into read only mode in 30 days.

Moving content off

Users and series all have RSS feeds which you can use to move your content to another host. Just add “.rss” to the end of a URL to access the RSS feed (so for example or

This feed can be used to move to another hosting option. Many hosting options include “Import Podcast” features which should work with this.

Once you have a new host url log in to and there you can redirect your series iTunes feed to your new host. This way you will not lose your iTunes subscribers.

Any individual episode can be downloaded by adding “.m4a” to the URL so for example becomes

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Suggested Hosts & Tools

Some hosts that I have found to be great myself are or is also great for remote interviews which should work well as a replacement for Bumpers “Remote” feature.

All of these hosts have easy options to transition from other podcast hosts, and you shouldn’t lose any content or iTunes subscribers in the transition process. For example here is the Simplecast guide.

Thank You

Most importantly thank you to the amazing people we have had the pleasure of listening to over the last couple of years. We are truly sorry we couldn’t make it work.

❤️ Ian, Jacob & Bumpers Team