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Hello Africa👋 — Meet Bundle

We are super excited to introduce Bundle to you!

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto. We make it easy and fun to send and receive payments using cash like Naira, as well as crypto like Bitcoin or BNB. It’s safe, fast, fun, and free.

What can you do with Bundle?

Send and receive cash or crypto instantly 💸

Send, request, and receive cash or crypto for FREE with a few taps. You can pay back your friend for dinner last night or send them the biscuit money you owe them. You can include a cool emoji too as a memo 😎.

Send cash or crypto to your contacts not on Bundle 💁🏾‍♀️

Want to pay someone not on Bundle? Send them cash or crypto for FREE to their phone number. They’ll have to download Bundle to use or withdraw it.

Buy and sell crypto 💰

Bundle allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum. Buy cryptocurrencies with card, bank transfer or through P2P. Sell cryptocurrencies and withdraw to your bank account

Withdraw and deposit crypto 🏦

Want to move crypto out of Bundle to another wallet? Tap withdraw to start. You can also deposit to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB in our smart wallet for free.

Is Bundle safe?

Yes, Bundle is safe. 🔒 Our team has decades of experience building products at some of the most recognizable fintechs and banks.

We’ve also undergone a third-party security audit to ensure that your cash and crypto is safe.

Is Bundle completely free?

Crypto and cash transfers between Bundle users are FREE 🤑. For the next three months, Bundle users can buy and sell crypto at 0 charges.

How can I use Bundle?

Download Bundle for Android here, open the app on your device, sign up, link contacts and send your friends on Bundle a request! 🚀

What next?

Over the next few months, we’ll use this blog to introduce you to Bundle and the team behind it. We’ll share some amazing new features and our product roadmap. ❤️

Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Twitter for daily updates. 📸

Please note: Bundle currently supports Naira, BNB, Bitcoin and Ethereum and is available in Nigeria only. 🇳🇬

Need some help to use Bundle? Please reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram or email contact@bundle.africa

Update: Bundle is available on iOS! Download it here. We’ve also listed BUSD as a tradeable crypto on Bundle.



Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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