Bunkr to join Synthesio!

Dear Bunkr users,

Five years ago we started an adventure and today we are starting a new one: we are thrilled to announce that Bunkr will join Synthesio, the leading Global Social Intelligence platform.

In the coming months, Bunkr’s technology will be integrated into Synthesio’s product and will become a reporting tool for Synthesio’s users. The Bunkr team will also be joining Synthesio to keep developing the application.

Synthesio & Bunkr — Alexis (CEO Bunkr), Loic (CEO Synthesio), Edouard (CMO Bunkr), Thibault (CTO Synthesio)

What will happen with the Bunkr app?

Bunkr’s public app (http://bunkrapp.com) will be shut down on March 31, 2017. We invite you to easily export your presentations before that date, after which you will not be able to access it anymore.

The instructions to follow in order to export your presentation is still available (see below). If you have any question you can reach out directly to support@bunkr.me and we will answer them.

A million thanks!

Finally, thank you all for this incredible adventure, more than 150 000 people used Bunkr in the world. Thank you for the great feedback that enabled us to continue to improve the product, your support messages and the trust you had in Bunkr throughout the past 5 years.

We also want to thank the entire team who worked on the project: our investors (Matthieu, Pierre-Edouard, Xavier, Daniel and TheFamily), our partners and everyone who supported us throughout this entire journey. Without you all, nothing would have been possible.

Thank you,
Alexis, Edouard and the entire Bunkr Team

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