Farewell 2014, Hello 2015

Review of the better moments of my past year (only with my phone’s photos). And my goals for 2015 to make it more beautiful than 2014.

Bunkr: Funding, Growth and Rebirth.

This past year, Bunkr has gone through a series of changes. It will be remembered as one of the most beautiful and difficult year’s of my life. Alexis and I needed to make important decisions in order to lead Bunkr to success. Here is the review of the past 12 months.

The Funding:

Alexis Jamet, CEO and co-founder of Bunkr on the French TV — France 24.

In May, we closed a seed funding of 1M€ with Idinvest (Matthieu Baret and Pierre-Edouard Berion), Daniel Marhely and Xavier Niel. We needed this money in order to continue growing and build a dream team to invent the future of the presentation.

I am very proud of my co-founder, Alexis. He has lead our team during the fundraising round with courage, passion and conviction. Even when times were difficult, he never gave up. I am very glad to have him by my side.

The Dream Team:

The team: Thomas (CTO), me, Florian (Mobile dev.), Alexis (CEO), Gregory (Lead JS dev.), Luc (Product Owner) — From left to right.

From May through December, Bunkr focused greatly on building an exceptional team.

Many have tried, but, few have actually succeeded on integrating with our team, which is why I am so proud of each member.

Thomas Meson (CTO and associate): is responsible for the whole tech team and he builds the API and back-end part of Bunkr. Previous Experience: Co-Founded and was the CTO of Veezio, a video indexing and SEO company. Joined Bunkr: In the first week of April

Luc Chaffard (Product Designer): is responsible for rethinking our product from scratch in order to implement our vision into Bunkr. Previous Experience: Product designer and Co-Founder of Skimbl, a platform that helps companies to understand their customers. Joined Bunkr: A few weeks after Thomas

Gregory Le Garec (Lead JS developer): is responsible for all the Front-End, effects and interactive experience of our application. Previous Experience: Founded a company called “Tiret du 8”. Joined Bunkr: June

Florian Gomis (Mobile and Front-End developer): is in charge of the Mobile optimization. Joined Bunkr: In March as an intern & became an official member of our dream team in September.

Eloise Beuvant (Community Support Manager): is responsible for assisting our users. Joined Bunkr: Like Florian, she also started off at Bunkr as intern in March. She is now a part-time team member who is currently residing in Dublin and working remotely.

Michael Illas (Growth and Community Builder): is our first American employee! He’ll be working directly with me, helping me plan and execute marketing strategies. He is also responsible for managing Bunkr communities & local brand ambassadors. Previous Experience: Marketing & Communication Specialist at CoffeeLab, a Startup Accelerator. Joined Bunkr: He will arrive in France later this month, I’m looking forward to working with him!

In 2014, Jean-Christophe Fossati (Co-Founder and our first CTO) and Joris Renaud (our first employee and evangelist) left the company to pursue new endeavors. I wish you much success in both your futures.

The new product:

The new version of Bunkr. Made with ❤ by our team.

At Bunkr our main goal is to build the future of the presentations. During the past two years, we focused on the needs of our users, and how they use our product, in order to upgrade our product.

With this new team we took the decision to build a new product, more focus on our vision: present easily your content. This new version will be launch this week.

We hope you like it!

Travel, Sport and Everyday Happiness.

Besides Bunkr, the last year has been full of amazing experiences. I traveled to Trondheim (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and Sri Lanka. The year was also great because I began exercising again, something that I actually stopped doing when I first started Bunkr.

Here is my year tracked by Runkeeper:

In conclusion, here is some pictures to resume my year:

Presentation of my best moments of 2014.

Goals For 2015

San Francisco, Here We Come!

#1 — Bunkr: Growth & US Development

#2 — Take time to see the people I love

#3 — Finish my first half-ironman

These are my three main goals for 2015 and I will do everything I can to complete them! These next 12 months will be awesome, for sure, and I will share everything with you all through my Medium page!

Thanks to Joris and Michael for their help with writing
and copyediting this blog post.

Try the new Bunkr for free by clicking here and feel free to follow them onTwitter, Facebook and Instagram

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