The inside story of the most difficult and important decisions I made in my CEO career. Story of the everyday life of a normal startuper who does everything to lead his company, his team and its product to success.

Part 1: Fundraising, Hiring & Growth. The dream that came true.

Matthieu Baret and Pierre-Edouard Berion — IdInvest

Last year, in May, we raised money with, possibly, the best investors in France: Idinvest Partners (investor of Criteo, Meetic, Synthesio, Withings,…), Xavier Niel (multi-investor, well-known founder of Free/Illad) and Daniel Marehly (founder and CTO of Deezer).

In the wake of this announcement, we decided to hire three high-level profiles to help build our dream team and grow: Thomas Meson (Back-End/API), Luc Chaffard (Product Designer), and Gregory Le Garec (JS /Front-End). And so we grew!

For the first two months, after hiring our three new members, we had a +10% weekly growth! We all thought that we got the ball rolling…that we just needed to guide Bunkr to success by improving our product, improve our features, and improve user experience, but…

Part 2: Back to a tough reality!

After these exciting few months, we needed to face the fact that we had two main problems:

• Our technical portion was not scalable, the more people that used our application, the more technical problems we had. The tech that we used was not the best to build a strong SaaS application. It was impossible to maintain and improve our product.

• We were turning into, yet another, “powerpoint.” Our vision was not clear in our product and majority of our users couldn’t see what differentiates Bunkr from the rest of the presentation tools available.

Thomas Meson — CTO at Bunkr

With all these issues, we realized it was time to make an important decision: we had to lead our team towards a new direction before we hit a wall in full speed (metaphorically). With our new team and new investors, we decided that it would be best to start from scratch and build a new product, the new Bunkr!

After we made this decision, Jean-Christophe, our co-founder and CTO, left the company to face new challenges. Thomas became our new CTO and quickly began to lead the team and technical portion of our product, in addition to becoming our new partner.

Part 3: The first day of our presentation revolution!

We always wanted Bunkr to be a visionary product, something not expected that people actually needed, use and love.

Nobody expected a full screen smartphone when Apple released the iPhone. Our mission is to understand users’ demands, transpose them into actual needs, and apply those needs to our vision. Our users need to present content with style, its as simple as that.

Our vision is that the content is rich, online and live. (Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Sketchfab, Drive, Deezer, Soundcloud, CodePen, Gist, Map, Youtube, Vine and many more). This is where your content is and therefore this is what you need to display in a presentation.

Therefore, we have worked on building a product which allows anyone to create beautiful presentations within seconds with the content they have everywhere in the cloud.

Part 4: Introducing the new Bunkr:

Presentation tools, such as Powerpoint and Keynote, have been failing to keep up with professionals’ current needs. Today, they use SaaS applications to work, publish content online, and store information on the cloud. Every day, professionals are required to present their work to clients or during internal meetings, but find it problematic to present all the necessary content.

We created Bunkr for professionals who want to present their work with a single click. Bunkr’s presentations are completely web-based, displaying all the content you create that are kept on the cloud. Bunkr is unlike any other presentation tool allowing you to effortlessly create and update elegant presentations.

In this new version, it was important to clearly show our vision and what differentiates us from our competitors! With the new Bunkr, you can create presentations like never before.

An example of a presentation with the new Bunkr:

Create your own presentation for free on

Bunkr is relaunching, in beta, as a new product with one goal: to forever change the way to present your work. The whole team and I are proud to introduce this new version and we hope you enjoy it!



I’m very proud of my team for being amazing and working so hard to make peoples lives easier.

The revolution has begun! Join the movement and spread the word!

Try the new Bunkr for free by clicking here and feel free to follow them onTwitter, Facebook and Instagram

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