Dreaming Tiny

Up until today, I was anti-trailer. When I saw a tiny house on wheels, I said “Nope. Not for me. I am a foundation guy. Or a subterranean guy. Maybe, if the mood is right, a treehouse guy.”

But my patience has completely run out.

For boring, yet mysterious reasons, I am increasingly preoccupied with designing and building my own house. But a house needs land. And I have precious little acreage to spare.

My time for sitting idle is up. A tiny house on wheels it is. And I have four years to make that happen.

Four years to learn and build the damned thing before my kid (Owen) goes to kindergarten and we will be leaving our home in South Side Chicago to find the best school we can afford.

I have a purpose. A plan. The right reasons and a can-do attitude. I also have no clue what I am getting into or what success even looks like.

This is going to be great.