Working with these APIs will make you a community hero ⭐

Sep 3, 2020 · 2 min read

Integrating lifestyle with finance can be fun and rewarding. 😉 We’re seeing amazing apps born in our developer community that prove this is the case. With our newly launched developer program, it has become even more satisfying!

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We asked around and found the top APIs to integrate into your app along with the bunq API. We’re sharing the list with you in case you’re looking for inspiration or would like to make sure your app will attract other bunq users. Here we go!

Philips Hue

Google Maps


Bonus ideas

Save money every time you save time

Say No to pointless YouTube watching before bed, Facebook scrolling at work, or listening to that song that keeps you from focusing on what’s in front of you, and Yes to money on what you enjoy doing after work.

How many X of Y can you buy?

Deadlines met with flying dollars

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