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In case you haven’t heard… bunq Update 12 is on its way! On the 3rd of September, you can enjoy the latest and greatest app features we’ve built just for you.

Wondering what’s so great about bunq Update 12? Check out 12 reasons why you won’t want to miss it:

1. You can be part of the quickest consecutive bunq Update we’ve ever had.

Our last bunq Update took place on the 9th of July. Less than 2 months later, we’re back in action and ready to bring on cool new features.

2. You get the inside scoop about what we’ve been working on directly from our CEO.

Listen to Ali explain the reasoning behind what will be launched to bring you an even better banking experience.

3. You’ll be the first to know about our latest app creations.

You heard it here first (and may just make all your fellow fintech friends jealous).

4. You can attend the biggest update yet, in the big room of DeLaMar theater.

Some people say bigger is better. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

5. You can get your photo taken and be featured in our Facebook album or Instagram story.

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages and be sure to smile big!

6. You can meet other bunqers and members of the Together community.

Familiar with our Together Moderators? They’ll be there, front row!

7. You can cheers to 4 years of the bunq app being launched.

With our app launch in 2015, we’re closing in on almost half a decade of sharing bunq with the world.

8. You can find out who the next mystery guest on stage will be.

Remember Painter Parrello? Or maybe the Tax Man? There’s only one way to find out who will be next…

9. You can enjoy an amazing night out, where you can connect with many different people.

bunq Updates are always attended by hundreds of users with so many different backstories.

10. You can get your moment of fame.

We always record our updates and put our awesome users in the spotlight.

11. You can watch a live stream through our Facebook or Youtube channels from the convenience of your own home.

It’s alright if you can’t attend in person. You can still stay in the loop directly from your couch.

12. You can find out why it’s called “The only way is up” 🚀.

We always said we love surprises! No spoilers on this one.

Don’t have the bunq app?

Try it today, just in time for Update 12!

bunq Blog

We're bunq, Bank of The Free. Follow us to discover more about transparent banking, our open API and life at bunq.


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Mobile banking, revolutionized.

bunq Blog

bunq Blog

We're bunq, Bank of The Free. Follow us to discover more about transparent banking, our open API and life at bunq.

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