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2 min readAug 6, 2019


Starting my journey at bunq I thought I knew what I was getting into. Of course, I knew this was the place where technology and top-notch service came together. The question was if I was ready to get shit done. If was ready to create the most awesome banking experience people ever had.

Ramona is one of our amazing Customer Guides here at bunq HQ.

The bunq mission 🌈

The bunq mission is what attracted me to begin with. And the cool thing is that everyone within the company works towards that exact same mission. Even our meeting rooms are ‘get shit done’ themed just for you to remind you why you got out of bed this morning. It’s an exciting environment where all colleagues put in their best effort to reach that goal: creating the best banking experience our users ever had. And how great is it to have a whole team working towards that same goal? If you’re up for a challenge — bunq is the way to go.

Life as a guide 😎

A big part of your journey consists of building genuine relationships with our users. Our Guides team is a big part of that because they engage with our users every day.

As a Guide, you’re there to show the users what a cool and awesome product we are busy creating and improving every day. Just for them. Feel like sharing a gif or sending a gift? Go ahead and make that user happy — that’s where we’re all about.

Because we think that having an honest conversation with users is important, we give our people the space to open up to our users. And vice versa. Our platform together.bunq.com is a place where our users come together to share knowledge and experiences. Do you know that’s we have incorporated quite some user ideas? That’s awesome to me.

Taking a deep dive 🏊🏽‍♀️

From day one you take a deep dive into the world of bunq. Luckily you have awesome colleagues helping you out where they can. So what do you say? Are you ready to join the team? We are happy to have more people on board working towards the same goal, sharing ideas, creating memories and connecting with users.

Are you ready to join our team? Go ahead and drop us a message!

–Ramona 🚀
Customer Support Guide at bunq

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