How to Save Money Like a Boss

When I was a kid I had a friend who dreamed of dedicating her life to rescuing Elephants from hunters on the Masai Mara in Kenya. At 10 years old she started saving for the elephants in a box she kept in her room. Her dream grew bigger the older she got and the jar eventually turned into a bank account and the dream into reality. After we graduated high school she used the money she had saved to travel for six months and ended her trip working for an elephant orphanage home, taking care of baby elephants.

Even if you didn’t start at the age of 10, there are crafty ways for you to experience more from your money and thereby your life. Here’s a list of four hacks on how to start saving like a boss and become the commander of your own money, without any hassle.

1. Set a bad ass goal

As in sports, it’s easier to stay motivated if you have a clear understanding of what you want to attain. You decide how you want to experience life. Maybe your dream is to rescue elephants, climb K2, or to open your own business. Deciding what you’re saving for, and how much you’ll need, will help you stay inspired.

2. Structure Your Money like a Master

When that pay check roles in make sure to keep order of your money. Set up multiple accounts for different purposes and divide your salary according to what you spend on rent, food, partying etc. With bunq you can open up to 25 bank accounts, directly in the app, that you can assign different functions. Of course, also create an account for your savings. Kind of nice seeing that digital wallet growing bigger and your goal getting closer.

3. Create a Bullshit Account

Ask yourself: am I spending money on bullshit? To give you an idea, not buying that expensive daily cup of coffee can save you €1.640 a year (assuming the coffee costs €4.50). Create an account called “bullshit” and every time you skip a cup of coffee, or something else you don’t really need, you send that amount there instead. Bullshit turned into adventure currency.

4. Dream with Others

Sharing is caring. Or at least it’s more fun. Who do you want to experience your dream with? Start a dream or adventure account and save as a group. Use the bunq app to start a group bank account together with your friends, partner(s) or family. See that dough growing together!

To become a next level money manager, and experience a life unlike any other, start saving money exactly how you want to. The bunq API is open for you to create your own saving or money management solution. A solution that is custom made for you. The app Limitless is an awesome example of this. They used the bunq API to build an app for goal oriented savings. Savings made easy. Check it out!

To learn more about the bunq API, click here.