Update 11 is on its way: expect the unexpected!

Jun 18, 2019 · 3 min read

You’ve heard it right. On July 9th, bunq Update 11 is happening and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

bunq Update #11: expect the unexpected.

If you’ve never attended or seen a bunq Update before, this will definitely be the one you want to tune in for. We’ve already done 10 Updates in our short history, and are excited to continue the tradition.

Not quite familiar with bunq Updates? Find out more about our Updates and why you don’t want to miss Update 11 below:

App updates

We encourage our users to give us feedback. We then use this feedback to spark innovation and provide our users with features that they actually want to see. You ask, and we listen. As simple as that.

This is where our infamous bunq Updates come in. bunq Updates are new versions of the bunq app that are launched to contain major app upgrades. In other words, it’s when new, innovative features are brought to life. Our goal is to continuously bring you an even better banking experience and these app updates allow us to do so.

Update events

We throw live Update events so that everyone can experience our latest features firsthand. Enthusiastic bunqers (bunq users) come together from all over the world to be part of the event and listen to Ali Niknam, our CEO, announce the innovative features that will soon be available to everyone in the app. It’s always great to see everyone come together to support us and our initiative toward a building a better banking industry.

Update 11

As the bunq love continues to grow, so do our Update events. Update #11 will take place on the main stage of the beautiful DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam, the shared city of our very own bunq HQ. It will be our largest event so far and we can’t wait for you to join us for another Update.

At bunq, we love surprises so we can’t quite tell you all the details of what will be revealed at Update #11 (spoilers are no fun after all). This means that you may just have to attend the Update to see what’s in store… but keep in mind that you can expect the unexpected.

Live stream

Looking to watch the event but can’t attend in person on the 9th of July? We’ll also be livestreaming the event on Facebook & YouTube so you won’t have to miss a thing! Follow us on our social channels to stay tuned for more news:

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