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Bunster and Hariet

Chefly Meals Review — Nutritious Food delivered to your door!

I don’t like cooking — There I said it.

The buying groceries, the actual cooking, the washing up… it all seems like a lot of preparation just to eat one time and then do it over and over again the next day and the day after that…

As I’ve said a lot of times, “I don’t cook, I heat food to survive”. That being said, I don’t buy ready-made food from the supermarket. I’m still a healthy eater, so I buy whole foods (meat or veggies), and then steam them up in my handy dandy steamer. It’s a good thing I’m…




Know about the inner workings of a teenage girl’s brain, interpreted in the form of two adorable bunnies. Bunster and Hariet represent her conflicting thoughts and motivations — two sides of the same personality.

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