Part 6: Being in Limbo

Through the bungalow house where those delicious cookies were presented to the whole village for more than 30 years, Osman was one of his journeys above all the shoulders as he fainted at the Daquille’s. He was half-awake, though, able to listen to the screams and cries of the people. In this state of limbo, a magic power inside the cookie-man forced his old mind to choose for sleeping much more in a pursue of dreaming instead of waking up to the real life.

The place that Osman had been in that dream seemed familiar to him. In the beginning, he found himself in a huge bush, as if he was being chased by some unseen existences. The last end of the bush was never seen at all, a little bit of sunlight was guiding the way to Osman. He walked for a long long time with a desperate hope, without even a slightest change in this bush-yard. When he felt it was no use for him to walk much more, Osman lied down to the ground and started to watch the twinkles of the green bushes with the sunlight. Fatma, meanwhile, was yelling and screaming as if she was ready to die by his side, admitting that it could be such a heavenly way to die. Osman was hearing all of the conversations in the house at that time, but it had not been occurred to him that Fatma had this kind of heartache before. Maybe she only showed her painful screaming when there was a matter of life-or-death situation. As a matter of fact, Osman admitted screaming that loud was the very frank way of Fatma to reveal her love to him since the beginning of their affair. He closed his eyes with the greatest happiness that he could not get in the real life.

Slipping away from all-real sensations and identities again in that home, he focused all his attention to be here, at this gloomy bush. He heard the sounds of the rifle guns, then the footsteps. He stood up from where he was lying and tried to shout at someone behind the bush. Surprisingly, unable to hear his own voice, he forced him much more, beyond the threshold which his throat could tolerate the pain. Soon after, realizing that he could get no good for shouting at without even a voice, he walked down through somewhere not knowing where he would head. He saw small graveyards, which as if some children were lying down there. He first took a glance to them and thought that he might stepped onto some religious tombs. He was so scared even when he saw the blood on the ground. At some point, he had to crawl since there was no way to walk. Feeling that warm, sticky blood on every part of his body, he ended up at the edge of a climb. There was no bush at all in this part of the land. He could see the heaven-like fortress across the water and felt an enormous urge to get there. Then, all of a sudden, up above the sky, something thundered to roar as if it was declaring the end of his gloomy limbo and started to rain cats and dogs. When he raise his head to the sky, the sun and the moon, in equal sizes, seemed combining as a whole. Osman, being unaware of that solar eclipse mistery, lingered on for a while, then swallowed. He was completely amazed and threatened by the eclipse, so he made his mind to go back to his little dark-room, where he was lying on the bed after he fainted at Daquille’s in his real life. He closed his eyes again and tried to remember the face of Fatma, with all its wrinkles and meanings.

There she was, as an angel of all-time desperate moments, when Osman opened his eyes.