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$BBQ delicious AMM and yield farm | BurgerSwap Farms

BurgerSwap is excited to announce that we are partnering with BarbecueSwap, to bring to BurgerSwap the $BBQ Farming Pool. Users will be able to stake their BLP tokens into the $BBQ farming pool to farm 20,408 BBQ tokens over 1 month, starting from 21 May 2021 16:00(UTC+8).

BBQ Farming Pool Details

  • Reward Token: BBQ
  • Total Rewards: 20,408 BBQ & BURGER
  • Farming Period: 2021/5/21 16:00 to 2021/6/21 16:00 (UTC+8)
  • Supported BLP Tokens: BBQ-BURGER, BBQ-WBNB

About BarbecueSwap

BarbecueSwap is a Decentralized Exchange, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain. They are aiming for sustainable growth through constant innovation. The team is implementing its unique “barbecue model” to achieve this in the DeFi ecosystem. $BBQ is the governance token.

More Info on BarbecueSwap:

[Website] [Twitter] [Telegram]

About BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is the first DEX on BSC which is created by and for the community. As the people’s exchange, it emphasizes on being democratized and decentralized, with community governance. BurgerSwap is always actively growing and developing with its community. Recently, it has upgraded its UI, added FARMS and IFO for extra rewards, with much more upgrades and collaborations to come.

More Info on BurgerSwap:

[Website] [Twitter] [Telegram]



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