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BurgerSwap Announcing Strategic Partnership with Fry.world

Disclaimer: BurgerSwap and Fry.world are two different projects despite our branding similarities and common goal to become a significant and long-term player in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. At BurgerSwap we would like to express our appreciation to Fry.world for taking the initiative to reach out before Fry’s official launch. We believe that we will make great partners going forward.

DYOR is always encouraged.

BurgerSwap is the first democratized, low Gas fee, and fast DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain, combining the trading liquidity providing elements of Uniswap. Today, we are glad to announce our first strategic partnership, with Fry.world. This partnership aims to bring more practical and economic benefits to our mutual communities and complement each other’s ecosystems.

About Fry.world

Fry.world is one of the first Yearn.finance-like prducts based on Binance Smart Chain. It is able to deliver the best yield optimizing strategies to its user without the extremely high Gas fees and congestion issues faced by ETH-based projects. Hence, all players and pools, both big and small, are able to make profits on Fry.world.

BurgerSwap and Fry.world make the Best Meal Deal 🍔 🍟

As one of the most innovative community led projects, our native BURGER token was the first BSC-based AMM to be listed on Fry.world. Meanwhile, Fry. world also decided to reward BURGER stakers with 3X returns, the highest multiplier in the Fry ecosystem. As pointed out by Fry.world’s co-founder Fry Cook,

BurgerSwap has been focusing on Binance Smart Chain since the very beginning and strives to become a leading and long-term player in the BSC ecosystem, which is in line with Fry’s mission.

Actually, BurgerSwap has already stood out as a great community in the whole ecosystem. Meanwhile, unlike other copy-and-paste swaps, BurgerSwap is innovative in its own democratized mechanism.

As two DeFi projects similar to Uniswap-like and Yearn.finance-like respectively, I see BurgerSwap and Fry.world make fantastic complementary partners, and will jointly promote the whole BSC ecosystem in the near future.

We are aiming at a Long-Term Partnership

Apart from the 3X-rewards BURGER staking pool, Fry.world is launching the very first BURGER/FRIES liquidity pool with 7X returns soon. For this event we will provide a detailed user guide.

However, the partnership will not end there. Going forward, BurgerSwap and Fry.world will continue to work together and seek to deliver more real benefits to our mutual communities and token holders.

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