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BurgerSwap presents the Fast Food Alliance 🍔🍟🥤


Within two months since the establishment of Binance Smart Chain, its user volume increased to nearly 26,000 with 4,000 on average daily. Thanks to its excellent performance, high speed, and near-to-zero Gas fee, Binance Smart Chain quickly evolved as an ideal foundation for DeFi projects, attracting multiple DeFi projects migrating from Ethereum, and a great number of assets along with them.

Objective of the Fast Food Alliance

The Fast Food Alliance is an initiative by a team of decentralized developers, designers and marketeers who are contributing to the BurgerSwap platform.

Introducing the first Alliance Members

Since the launch of BurgerSwap a few weeks ago, we have been talking to developers and projects inside and outside of our network about ideas of adding use cases to BurgerSwap and the BURGER token.

About Fry.world

Fry.world is one of the first Yearn.finance-like products based on Binance Smart Chain. It is able to deliver the best yield optimizing strategies to its user without the extremely high Gas fees and congestion issues faced by ETH-based projects.

About 7up.finance

7up.finance is a DeFi Filecoin (FIL) lending and investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain.

How will Binance Smart Chain benefit from Fast Food Alliance?

BurgerSwap does not intend to compete with any of the successful BSC-based applications but aims to work closely with the Binance Smart Chain and project teams to reach our mutual benefits.

  • Yield farming helps attract users with high yields from their assets, be it BSC or ETH based
  • Stable coins liquidity will attract high value players who want low risk yields on their stable assets, again BSC or ETH based
  • Lending, borrowing and OTC trading will bring more liquidity across all BSC based platforms.
  • Initial token sales will attract new projects and their communities to trade on BSC
  • NFT auctions will create a whole new ecosystem for ERC-721 tokens on BSC



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