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BurgerSwap x ROCKI | Linking Listeners directly to Musicians with DeFi

BurgerSwap is excited to announce its partnership with ROCKI music. ROCKI’s mission is to democratize the music industry with the use of blockchain and NFT technologies. With such technology, middlemen are removed, listeners and their musicians can interact and share rewards directly with each other. ROCKI also provides many channels of distributing incentives to artists and their listeners including airdrops, staking, ROCKS token distribution and transfers, fiat and so on.

Through this partnership, BurgerSwap and ROCKI will bring Blockchain Music Solution to the music and crypto communities. The partnership is exploring potential token rewards distribution (such as Farms and Airdrops) to the communities. The partnership will also explore the different opportunities in NFT collaboration events with the communities. Together with the community members, BurgerSwap and ROCKI will co-build a fair, open, fun and rewarding Blockchain Music Ecosystem.

About ROCKI music

ROCKI is a user-centric music streaming ecosystem powered by the ROCKS token. For artists, the ecosystem will create a trustless, low-cost, decentralized music marketplace with near-real-time royalty payments. All these are done without requiring any advance understanding of crypto or blockchain. All the data, including stream counts, profit splits, and wallet balances are transparent, whilst the homepage and playlist contents are determined fairly and openly.

For listeners, ROCKI provides a hybrid subscription model offering ROCKS token payment method on top of traditional payment method. In addition, listeners can also earn ROCKS token, stake ROCKS token for your favorite artists and receive airdrop awards from their favorite artists.

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About BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is the first DEX on BSC which is created by and for the community. As the people’s exchange, it emphasizes on being democratized and decentralized, with community governance. BurgerSwap is always actively growing with its community. Recently, it has upgraded its UI, added FARMS and IFO for extra rewards, with much more upgrades and collaborations to come.

More Info on BurgerSwap:

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