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BurgerSwap x SATO | Bringing DeFi Algorithmic Stablecoin with speed and simplicity

BurgerSwap & SATO Partnership

Through this partnership, BurgerSwap and SATO would work together to distribute SATO tokens to end users with absolute fairness by opening up liquidity staking pools at launch. Both SATO & BurgerSwap regard full decentralization as the core of DeFi. This collaboration renders it possible for end users and investors to enter the game in a fully decentralized way. This partnership also brings the BSC community to the algorithmic stable coin community and vice versa through the liquidity pool (LP) staking collaborations.

About SATO

SATO is a new cross-chain oracle rebasing cryptocurrency. SATO utilizes Layer 2 structure to support its algorithmic inflation and deflation which results in faster transaction speed with no GAS fee. Integrated with its “easiest to use” Swap App, SATO algorithmic stablecoin offers smooth product operations that can reach a broader range of crypto investors including new investors.

About BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is the first DEX on BSC which is created by and for the community. As the people’s exchange, it emphasizes on being democratized and decentralized, with community governance. BurgerSwap is always actively growing with its community. Recently, it has upgraded its UI, added FARMS for extra rewards, with much more upgrades and collaborations to come.



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