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ForTube & BurgerSwap Liquidity Bonus Campaign!

BurgerSwap has listed ForTube (FOR) today and together we are launching a joint liquidity bonus campaign to kickstart trading and earn extra BURGER and FOR token rewards by providing liquidity for FOR.

Campaign Rules

  • Supported tokens: FOR BEP20
  • Reward period: September 16th, 14:00 UTC -September 22rd 14:00 UTC
  • Rewards: 45,000 BURGER over the 6 day campaign period + 100,000 FOR per day

Please note that the FOR rewards will continue after the 6 day period, for an indefinite number of days.

The BURGER and FOR reward pools will be shared among FOR liquidity providers on BurgerSwap.

The top 100 liquidity providers, in terms of the average liquidity provided per trading pair, FOR/BNB and FOR/BURGER, will be eligible to receive BURGER and FOR rewards according to the campaign rules.

After the campaign ends, we will publish the list of winners on list on our official social channels.

Tasty Prizes 🏆

BURGER prizes are paid after the campaign ends.

  • 1st prize: 2,500 BURGER
  • 2nd prize: 1,000 BURGER
  • 3rd prize: 500 BURGER
  • 4th to 10th prize: 100 BURGER
  • 11th to 100th prize: share the rest of the BURGER reward pool

FOR prizes are distributed daily by the ForTube team.

  • 1st prize: 5,555 FOR
  • 2nd prize: 2,222 FOR
  • 3rd prize: 1,111 FOR
  • 4th to 10th prize: 222 FOR
  • 11th to 100th prize: share the rest of the FOR reward pool




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