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Hot New Features of BurgerSwap V2!

Today we serve you BurgerSwap V2, with some very hot new features.

Flame Grilled? Burned🔥🔥!

To optimize our governance system towards a more sustainable model, we have implemented some essential changes to the distribution of trading fees.

Our original design implements the allocation of 0.3% of the trading fees as reward for various use cases on the platform. These fees are converted to BURGER and distributed to participants in the system.

BurgerSwap V2 adds a burning functionality, where a percentage of the BURGER tokens converted from trading fees will be burned forever. The default distribution settings of BurgerSwap V2 are:

  • 40% of the rewards are allocated to liquidity providers on the platform
  • 30% of the rewards are allocated to participants in governance/voting
  • 30% of the rewards are burned forever

Of course, the allocation per use case can be changed by voting.

Unique Cross-Chain Asset Swaps for Users and Projects

Users and projects can now list, provide liquidity and trade every ERC20 based asset on BurgerSwap, through our unique custom built cross-chain bridge.

The BurgerSwap bridge allows users and projects to seamlessly convert any ERC20 token to a wrapped bToken issued on Binance Smart Chain, which then can be listed on BurgerSwap to trade and provide liquidity.

Users can easily create and redeem bTokens though the BurgerSwap bridge.

More Tasty Features😋!

One of the unique functionalities of BurgerSwap is the ability for liquidity providers to redeem their rewards at any given time, creating instant liquidity without having to remove liquidity.

This way, BurgerSwap brings higher flexibility and more control for LP’s over their assets. But because BurgerSwap does not have LP token, we are able to implement even more unique elements.

  • Liquidity providers are able to choose the currency in which they want to receive their rewards. Available choices are BURGER, BNB and USDT.
  • Projects have the option to reward liquidity providers on their token pairs with whichever token (either their own project token or any other token).

For example: the CREAM team can get access to an API with which they are able to reward liquidity providers on the CREAM/BNB pair with extra CREAM tokens or any other BEP20 token of their choice.

What’s next?

In the coming days you can expect tutorials on how to list bTokens and how to use the most important features on the BurgerSwap platform, as well as exciting new campaigns!

Stay tuned!





The first standardized blockchain-enabled game of metaverse scenario on BSC.

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The first standardized blockchain-enabled game of metaverse scenario on BSC

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