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How to Add Liquidity and List Your Token on BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is running on Binance Smart Chain, providing significant benefits to users, such as low trading fees and high transaction speed.

But the most important use case is decentralized and convenient trading of the latest and most popular BEP20 assets.

Providing Liquidity on BurgerSwap

In this tutorial we explain to you how to list a new token on BurgerSwap, by adding liquidity and having it whitelisted.

1. Go to https://burgerswap.org/ and connect your MetaMask Wallet by pushing the “connect wallet” button. You can refer to How to Set Up MetaMask for BurgerSwap.

2. If you want to list your token on BurgerSwap to make it available for trading and liquidity providing, the token must be issued on the BEP-20 standard. See How to use the BurgerSwap Cross-Chain Bridge to turn your ERC-20 assets into BEP-20.

3. Click [Pool] on the main page and select [Add Liquidity] to create a new pool.

4. Choose the token from the dropdown list if you want to add liquidity to an existing liquidity pool. Or enter the BEP-20 contract address of the token you want to list if you want to create a new pool, and the system will automatically identify the name and info and number of tokens. And click on [Supply].

Note: To activate trading, you need add two pairs of your token to the pool, respectively: token/BNB and token/BURGER. In case of insufficient liquidity you need to add more liquidity to the token/BURGER trading pair.

The liquidity of the token/BURGER pair needs to be a minimum percentage relative to the liquidity of the token/BNB pair. The percentage is subject to community governance, within a range of 0.2% and 5%.

You have successfully provided liquidity to an existing pool or created a new pool. You can now trade the token, by adding the contract address in the Swap list.

Whitelisting and Earning Liquidity Provider Rewards

To earn the liquidity rewards, the BURGER pair of your token needs to get whitelisted. This will be a governance process based on community voting. projects with strong communities will have their tokens whitelisted by vote!

The governance whitelisting process is still under design at the time of writing. If you want to whitelist your token already, please contract @theburger_king on Telegram. Add the token contract address, official website, logo and links to your main social media channels.



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