Test #4

30. David Dahl — I already gave you my David Dahl sleeper. Psyche. I wanted to, and maybe I will still, but I have not given you a Dahl sleeper post, because he’s not a sleeper in my mind. What happens in my mind dictates everything. You sure about that? Not now, Random Italicized Voice, I’m making a point. You sure are. What I mean is, if Dahl is going crazy late in drafts vs. where I think he should be going, then he’s a sleeper. Nothing I can do about where others value Dahl. But in some macro ways that’s how all sleepers are. I said Devon Travis is a sleeper, because I think people will be undervaluing him. He’s not a sleeper to me, I know how to value him. This is super-pedantic. Last year in 63 games, Dahl hit 7 HRs after destroying the minors. He hit 13 HRs in Double-A, which gives the yawns, until you see it was in 76 games. 5 HRs in Triple-A, which is whatever, until you realize it was in 16 games. So, he’s got power and will call Coors home, that sounds good enough, but then you throw in that he had more steals (16) than homers in Double-A and stole five bags last year in those 63 major league games. I went over in the top 20 overall Rockies hitters batting below .250 and how impossible I think it is. Speaking of the top 20, Dahl feels like he will be there next year, but, honestly, in the grand scheme of things, I’m not ranking him much below that this year. This is likely a top 60 guy right now. That’s not a sleeper, is it? Meh, I need to figure out this sleeper or not thing. UPDATE: Dahl’s back isn’t healing like we all would’ve hoped. By we I mean me, by hoped I mean, “Jesus please give me something beautiful to take home to my Cougar wife!” I still like Dahl, but the back injury obviously adds a bit more risk. 2017 Projections: 68/18/78/.274/18 in 526 ABs

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