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Here’s Why Tezos Storage and TezEdge Are So Important

Blockchain storage is a big problem. Here’s how to solve it…

Managing Those Fat and Slow Spreadsheets

You ask your friends what happened and, to a person, they said that there were too many files that were getting too big and moving too slowly.

Blockchain’s Decentralization Means Security and Speed

Before we get into how we solve this blockchain data problem in general and on TezEdge nodes, your friends in our failed spreadsheet checkbook system said there was one big positive to the system besides the verification of accuracy.

Solving the Size Problem

Ok. So we have all these computers with the same copy of the blockchain running very efficiently.

Better Hash with Merkle Trees

What if we could take all those hashes that are storing all that already-verified information and combine them together? Would that make the blockchain even more efficient and reliable?


Even Better Hash with Merkle Storage

Using hashes to store data in blockchain is nothing new. But the way TezEdge does it is. By using a special form of hashing with Merkle trees, TezEdge nodes can process blockchain transactions very quickly.


Bottom Line

The key to a successful blockchain is the fast and efficient management of verifiable data. Without it, the decentralized block management process would grind to a halt very quickly. Capitalizing on the traditional hashing and Merkle Trees, TezEdge’s Merkle Storage speeds up blockchain transactions by optimizing memory allocation, using Git-like commands, and batching application actions.

More Info

For more information on this topic, take a look at this great article by Juraj Selep, CEO of Simple Staking.


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