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Understanding humans through data: a brand identity

Rebranding our organisation to help us reach our goals

Artwork by Traci Yoshiyama

Why rebrand?

- We’re growing and expanding to new geographies and markets.

- We want to be easier to work with, both internally and externally.

- We want our brand to highlight our value and work.

Busara brand history

How did we approach the rebrand?

A behaviorally-informed process


  • We do not fit the standard of a “traditional non-profit”, with many of our staff placing higher than average value on personal growth and career motivation.
  • We also don’t fit into the “traditional consultancy” box, with high levels of public sector motivation and pro-sociality.

How to start a rebrand

What is the future?

Presenting the new brand

Our brand, applied

We look forward to creating new content that serves clients and partners, and seeing this brand identity adapt over time!



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