Running for everyone

I always associated running with being sweaty, out of breath, injuries, and expensive sneakers.

In the last eight months, I have started running; I now run about 60–80km a month. For context, I used to run 0km a month. By trying to understand the process of running, I discovered some fantastic methods and ideas about the process of running and dispelled my preconceptions.

First, I had to run slow to run fast: the Maffetone method has some interesting insights about using your heart rate to improve your slow running. I also found that I did not really know how to run: Tony Riddle is a coach that teaches you how to relearn what you knew intuitively as a kid. The book Born to Run helped me understand that those fancy sneakers were not the way to healthy feet and injury-free running. Finally, I learned to breathe better by only breathing through my nose with the aid of the book Breath.

All of this has helped me run further and faster than I could have imagined. It’s been a fascinating journey, and I hope this hyper-post gives you some motivation to try going for a run.



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