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[#005] How to Get Better at the Things you Care About

Jose Casal
Feb 12, 2018 · 2 min read

I recently discovered this video thanks to Boaz Zehavi at Vonage.

The TED talk by Eduardo Briceño is excellent and covers a lots of relevant topics​ to Business Agility. As I was watching it, I made notes of things that reminded me of. This is the list:

  • Learning/Performance zone has lots of parallels to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Psychological Flow Channel and the Learning Onion. I think it also connects to Kahneman’s work. There is lots of fascinating reads in this space.
  • It reminded me of Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset? It’s superb.
  • One of my favourite reads in 2017 was “Black Box Thinking” by Matthew Syed. There are lots of connecting topics in Eduardo’s video.
  • Having deliberate practice for learning is fundamental. This is what things like the Toyota Kata tries to achieve. It also made me think of this article by Barry O’Reilly.
  • Finally, I loved how Eduardo made a very explicit shout out to having “Purpose” and to do “Safe to fail” experiments.

How to get better at the things you care about
Eduardo Briceño


  1. Once they have watched the video, spend 5–10 minutes talking/chatting about the following:
  • Is backbiting a problem where you work?
  • How about in life in general?
  • How are you going to use the 3 filters?
  • When are you going to do the activity that Glenn proposes in his talk?

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Jose Casal

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Jose Casal is a business agility consultant with extensive experience. Chair of @BCS_Agile, Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and founder of Actineo Consulting.

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