Our Ambition for Emergence

Ten years ago when we founded our firm we believed in the future of the enterprise cloud so much we were willing to bet our entire firm’s strategy on it. Today, that bet has paid off handsomely having backed some of the most iconic and successful companies of the last decade including Salesforce.com, SuccessFactors, Yammer, Veeva and Box among many others. Today, we are even more enthusiastic about the next ten years of enterprise cloud and mobile opportunities. Despite our success to date, we are not satisfied. We have not yet achieved our goal. That is why we continue to add talent to the team at Emergence and we cannot be more excited about our recent promotions and additions to the Emergence team (see press release http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/Emergence-Capital-Partners-Strengthens-Investment-Team-Names-New-Partner-1947517.htm).

Our ambition, quite simply, is to be the MOST important partner to the MOST important, enterprise cloud companies of the next decade and beyond.

Why should you consider working with Emergence Capital?

We are Leaders that invest in Leaders. We have the COURAGE of our own convictions and do not follow others. We invest with conviction as a TEAM behind visionary entrepreneurs with equally great ambitions. We do not equivocate or falter when the going gets tough. You can count on us because we are ALL IN as a firm behind our strategy and behind YOU.

FOCUS matters. Focus means finding a unique point of differentiation that really matters to CUSTOMERS and executing 10X better than your competition. We don’t just say it, we live it. That is why we have built our firm around FOCUS and EXPERTISE in building enterprise cloud leaders. We believe focus matters.

The best TEAMS win. To win in today’s market place requires world class TALENT and leadership. We believe in investing heavily in the growth and development of our CEOs and executive teams. We know what world class looks like and our network of talent is the broadest and deepest in our area of expertise. We endeavor to earn the TRUST of the best talent in our space. We believe if we serve their needs first, that great things will come of it.

Values and Purpose Matter. Our greatest compliment is when people say “the good guys” won. We love winning, but we love winning with integrity and fairness. We built our firm on a set of values and life purposes that fueled our passion and intensity to win together. We are humble enough to know we are not the primary drivers of our success, that ENTREPRENEURS like you are the lifeblood of our business. We are both grateful and humbled by the opportunity to partner with amazing entrepreneurs like YOU who are changing the world by making our working lives better, creating jobs, building wealth and fulfilling human potential. There is nothing more dignifying and gratifying in life then helping people reach their potential. Come join our merry band of brothers and sisters creating the next generation of enterprise cloud leaders.

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