The average person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the other names on earth put together. Dale Carnegie

A person’s name is a very powerful thing — it’s an embodiment of that person’s identity. It’s a reference to them. So remembering and using someone’s name is a great way to make that person feel important. Calling someone by their name is like paying them a very subtle compliment. Conversely, forgetting or misspelling someone’s name can have the opposite effect and make it feel as though we are distant and disinterested in them.

Remembering and using people’s names is also a critical component of good leadership. The executive who can’t remember his employees’ names can’t remember a significant part of his business, and is operating on quicksand.

Yet, most people don’t remember names for the simple reason that they don’t put in the effort to. We make excuses that we are too busy. We are introduced to a stranger and forget his name only a few minutes later.

Recently, I became a part of an organization called AIESEC.

So in order to remember all the members pf this organization I wrote names and associations related with them. It was very helpful

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