Better an open enemy than a false friend.

To begin with; I should say that I completely agree with this proverb because true friends are rare nowadays. Very few people can be honored with the title of a “friend”. In his every day life a person meets lots of men but only a few leave a really pleasant footprint in his life and memory. In almost all the cases the majority of humans who surround us are deceiving and insincere. Unfortunately we don’t observe this from the first sight till we receive the results of dishonest attitude towards us.

From the other side it can be hurtful if a friend tells you the cruel truth not in private but in public, a true friend will never do this but a false one won’t think of the consequences of this confession, he won’t take into account your feelings such as shame, embarrassment. He will be ready to betray you in no time as he desires too much to possess what you own, but fortunately he is not able to enter your mind, that ‘s why we should. beware of false friends who pretend to be real ones but in reality they are false.

I think that it is not good to have enemies but it is worse to have false friends, because you trust people who are close to you , you share almost all the things. with them . It’s a well known fact that an open enemy is sometimes better than a dozen of friends, as you can find out a lot of interesting things about your personality in order to improve yourself later. An enemy has no interest in lying to you so he can tell all the truth about certain things.

In my opinion a person should have only one or two best friends and none enemies, but of course I can be mistaken. I’m convinced that every man needs a friend near himself, the one who can tell him all the faults of his own in private, the one with whom he can hold a conversation, bare his secrets… Still, this friend has to be a true one, someone who’ll never betray you. A fake friend is worse than an open enemy because you tell him your secrets, being…

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