Getting Things Done- Interview with David Allen

In fact, there is nothing mystical in Getting Things Done book!

Organize information. First, you need to close the holes pending actions. If you look closely at your workplace, you see all sorts of reminders about unmade things — from stickers on the monitor to a different sort of broken devices in the table. All this constantly distracts our attention, not allowing us to release it for more exciting activities. Exit — collect absolutely all incoming information in one place (inbox) and then clearly separate it into action, and reference information.

Criteria for selecting actions in the present moment.
Context (what job opportunities I have)
Time (how much time is available)
Energy (health and performance at the moment)
Priorities (which is more important).

I always do “TO DO” list in my diary. It helps me not to forget important things. Also, my parents make daily notes :)

Weekly Review. At the end of each working week, David recommends to allocate time to see all the lists of tasks, ideas, objectives, current and potential projects. This is — the time for the “big cleaning”.