How To Become A Good Conversationalist

Hello, guys! :)

Today I would like to write about one of the most interesting thing that we have every day. We always talk to people but here is a question: “Are you a good conversationalist?” Now I will write about how to become a good conversationalist?

First of all, being a good conversationalist is important everywhere: in social, business or dating. As Carnegie says that in order to make your coversantion with people interesting for all of you, you should be interested in it. In other words, you need to be a good listener. Moreover, it will help you in winning new friends!

Here is a short video for you about how to be a good listener:

which is available at

Yesterday I had a meeting with my friends (classmates). We didn’t see each other about a year. So, each of us had own stories. Our coversation was very exciting because we were:

1. We were very interested.
2. I asked questions to each other.
3. I was attentive to each of them.
4.I knew when to listen and where to say something.
5. And also, eye contact.

Finally, we had a good time. My friends thanked me for supporting our talk. And we decided to meet more often.

Of course, my book helped me in this. I highlighted important things in conversation for me and I recommend them for you :)

Thanks for reading my post!