How to Make People Like You?

Everyone wants to be liked, even the people who swear they don’t care. Yet many people go through life, or at least part of their lives, feeling as if people do not like them. This post aims to begin the discussion about what you can do to feel and be more liked.

1. Be funny, but don’t act like a complete idiot. The class clown is usually a pretty popular kid, as is the prankster who’s always making people laugh. Being genuinely funny is a hard thing to do, but it’s an important part of getting other people to like you. Act funny and go with the joke the other person says. And don’t constantly joke around or do pranks or the other person will get annoyed, bored or frustrated with the pranks you are doing.

2. Remember one rule: People are interested in themselves. The first step of getting people to like you is simple. All you have to do is be interested in them. Talk to people about themselves. Lead the conversation, making sure that it stays about them and they believe that they’re the one in charge.

3. Talk about positive things. By and large, people want to be happy more than sad, so positive things are happier to talk about than negative things. Talking about negative things or complaining too much can put the person you’re talking to in an uncomfortable position and sometimes leads the conversation astray. Instead, focus on sharing the happy or positive aspects of your life for other people to enjoy or relate to.

4. Pay attention to body language. Your body language is like another you screaming signals that other people pick up on without ever really noticing. A lot of our body language happens without us even knowing about it — it’s subconscious. Training your body to recognize the body language it gives off is an important part of being likable.

5. Look like a friendly and attractive person. This does not mean you have to have to dress in the same way as everyone else does. You just need to look open, honest, natural, friendly, outgoing and clean. This is important because most people make a judgment about someone that they meet for the first time within the first thirty seconds of meeting them.

6. Make your conversation partner comfortable. This all depends on your partner’s definition of “comfortable,” but a lot of things apply here. Put in the extra effort to make the other person feel special. Everyone wants to feel special when they’re being talked to, so keep that in mind.

7. Be energetic and enthusiastic. You know what works well about you and what doesn’t. Whatever you do, be energetic and enthusiastic. Let your voice, your body, and your confidence show that.

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