Organizing: Setting Up the Right Buckets

After processing, I’ll consider organizing⭐️

Organizing — the stuff goes when you’re processing it. David Allen suggests that there are seven specific destinations.


The stuff you don’t intend to keep goes in the trash can.

✔️ Maybe/Someday

For example, it is item that refers to a book to read or a movie to watch. And usually we date them.


Things that I’m want to keep.

✔️ Project and project support material

Big tasks which I can break down into lots of pieces. For example, it can be project. Before starting the project. we divide it into parts and after this we doing it by steps.


There are some things that require “waiting”. For example, I finish my project and send by email. to my teacher. And now, I am waiting results of assessing.


Something to be done on a specific date. For example, buy present to my friend’s birthday.

✔️ Next actions

Do things which left after all this actions👆🏼

Thank you💕

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