Projects :what are they and how did I get my first project done!

Hello guys! Hope you are having a pretty weekend!

It’s not a secret that almost everyone who read GettingThingsDone book at least 1 time asked themselves “what are projects and what is the difference between projects and simple items in to-do lists?”

So now I am going to explain you in an understandable and brief way what it is.

Simply saying , projects -are your plans and purposes that need more that one action to be completed. For example , calling your nail-master to know the time of your procedure , if you forgot it is not a project, (if you already had her number), because you just go and call.

But(!) if you just want to go for a manicure anywhere , you need:
1)to find a place where to go:ask your friends , surf the Internet etc.
2)find telephone number or e-mail of that place
3)to call in order to know if there free time for you
4)to check your schedule if this time suitable for you
5)to make a reservation for that time
6)to write down this plan in your notebook or reminder not to forget it.

I hope you guys got the difference!

All our so-called projects need more detail considerations than simple routine things. To think how to apply using projects in real life I have found one creative and useful way to do it.

Recently my boyfriend had a birthday and I decided to make a great congratulation for him! If I decided to just write:”happy b’day bae!” That would be a simple action c but what I did is crated for him a “sweet-memories-box “.

Here there is my actions step-by-step what I did to achieve the final result and below you can even see a video of what I got done!

1)to make a list the best friends and relatives of my boyfriend
2)to find their contacts
3)to contact them to ask and to collect their wishes
4)take these little parcels from them
5)find photos with all these people and print them
6)find b’day post cards and print them
7)find out which sweets honey likes the most and buy them
8)make pretty little papers with hearts and kisses , writing some compliments there
9)to buy a main present for him (porte-monnaie)
10)fill in the box
11)film this pretty-sweet video for you!:)

Enjoy watching!

Happy b’day baae!:*

Xoxo, Katarina