The art of getting things done!

Hello, guys!

By today I finally got done 1 thing from my to-do-list! I finished reading the first part of the required book . To start, I’d like to say that #gettingthingsdone consists of 3 parts :the art of getting things done , practicing stress-free productivity , the power of the key principles.

As I’ve already said , by now I have finished the 1st one and I’m going to share with you some ideas (during the several following posts) on how does advices and information from the book helped me at my first stages on my way to become the best version of me.

Of course, there is a lot useful and scientific information but I thing that would not be very interesting for you to read a strict report on my book so I would rather tell you about my experiments and exercises from #gettingthingsdone.

In brief, the very first chapter is all about why do we have so many things in our mind and why don’t we really even start(and I’m not talking about finishing ) the most of them. The thing that I got is that we store in our mind a hundred of thoughts, ideas , problems and issues and the funny thing is that (!) the opportunity is gone and we can’t do something about this things right now , because they are from the past or from the future. We keep remembering all this stuff and yeah, I would not deny that somewhere here in our mind there are few of burning issues that we really need to do but as you may guess is hard to find them in a huuge heap of useless trials.

Ok, we have already understood that finally there are some things in our mind that we can do now. And you know what? The problem is that 90% of this things are so easy to do but we just don’t know how to start!

David Allen offered us one exercise to practice these skills . He asked to take a piece of paper and
1)to write a task that you want to start and that bears you down.
2)to think and to write down what you can immediately do to get this thing done.

Now you can watch my textbook.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I dare to say most of you had this problem. And the wonderful thing is that what we had to do is just to open our Dropbox , read a piece of book and write 1 post! Pretty easy, isn’t it? Just three steps and you are finally closer to you excellent final grade!

To summarize :

We have a lot of things to do. We do not start to do them because
1) we don’t realize is the thing still under our influence and if we still can do something about it
2)if this thing is definitely important , we don’t know from where to start.
All that we need is to brush up our minds and try to differentiate real problems from all that useless stuff that our brain stores for years. and we cant help ourselves stop worrying. about them.

I made an effort and start making some notes in my new cute “to-do” textbook. This thing is also already done by mee:)

Start your to -do -list also, feel free to define real issues and don’t hesitate to solve them !

Good luck !

Keep reading me and recommending my posts for me to know that this everything is useful for you and my post are not disappearing in a black hole:)