We all need someone with whom we can get difficult and challenging things done.

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Since the beginning of reading my book I wanted to write a post on the topic I am going to talk with you today but couldn’t organize my thoughts and now I am finally ready to share with you what’s on my mind.

As I think , it is clear to understand , that even if you are pro in planning your time, getting done your things and organizing your life according to the David Allen’s book, it is hard to complete things when you just simple don’t want to do them or feel like doing anything today. So what can be done in such situations ? Skipping is not an option, by the way:)

I am going to show you how I escape from the situation and practice getting some things done successfully , but not alone.

To make a long story short , when I realized that some things are hard to be done by myself and that I am not inspired/motivated enough to do them , I started to think who can help me in it. With no doubt my boyfriend agreed to help me in this experiment!:)

Nearly month ago I started to call him anytime I don’t want to do this or that and he kindly was to help me in different ways : sometimes he came and help me physically , sometimes he was just talking with me by phone while I was doing something , sometimes he helped me to make up some suggestions on how to do better this or that task. Pay attention, that he never completed things for me. I mean, that I was doing it by myself but he is always someone who can inspire me and to motivate. I think that the most important thing is to understand , that no one’s gonna and has to do something except you, because finally it’s your business to do it , but if to look around you will understand that your beloved people, parents and friends can sometimes help you not to lose your breath and motivation!

Have understood that it is funny to do things together , we start spending much more useful time with my boyfriend. We get done together such ‘projects' like preparing for exams , having walk in the mountains, cooking dinners, learning dancing , visiting boring but obligatory lectures together, completing homework and sometimes inventing new ideas for my posts (tsss, that was a secret :)))

Honestly, I thought that it would be just experiment and after I will go in doing my stuff by myself , but I have found out that getting things done together is more funny, productive and cute! So try!:)

Don’t afraid to ask for help and enjoy getting things done spending time with people whom you love !

Xoxo, Katarina