Different Type of Building Materials and Their Uses

The construction industry has seen massive strides, and newer materials are constantly being evolved. There is a wide range of materials, including artificial and natural, you can choose from. The Bahrain construction sector is witness to great growth, and there are great opportunities for investment in sectors like transport, energy, commercial, etc. Some of the construction materials that are widely used are as follows.

Glass: Glass is a key construction material, and is widely used across the world. Glass has insulating properties and is used for cladding. It is also widely used for facades of buildings. Thanks to strides in the construction world, glass is also being evolved as a sustainable and green option. What’s more, glass is recyclable and is also strong.

Concrete or reinforced form of concrete, called RCC: This is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction sector. Steel is incorporated into concrete, making it very strong.

Steel: A highly sustainable material, steel has immense strength. It is durable and can be recycled; the material can be reused when a building is demolished. Steel is untouched by mould or termites. Also, the material is resistant to earthquakes, or has fewer risks in case of fire.

Wood: The material that has been used for centuries is wood. The construction material is eco-friendly, and can easily be shaped in any manner. Many kinds of wood are used in construction, from timber to teak and oak. There are also birch, pine and beach, used a lot in the construction sector. Wood has the ability to absorb echoes so it is used a lot in studios. Above all, wood has a certain aesthetic quality which makes it much sought-after.

Stone: One material that has been used from time immemorial is stone — it has been the material of choice from centuries. When we talk about stone, it takes different forms, including marble and granite. The latter is strong, resistant to abrasions or acids while the former is a soft, translucent material, used a lot when aesthetics matter. Marble is sought after for its elegance and beauty.

Mud bricks: Mud bricks are timeless construction materials, made after being dried in the sun slowly. These are also energy-efficient and sustainable.

Vernacular and green architectural styles are catching on in a big way, across the world. Newer materials are constantly being evolved so as to make buildings both stronger and more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. The Middle-East is full of such examples. Bahrain, for instance, has been experiencing a boom on the hospitality front. New properties are coming up, and many projects are in the pipeline as well.

If you are a contractor who is looking to source building materials in Bahrain, worry not. You can spot several such companies supplying building materials by scouring an online directory of useful numbers ad businesses created for the Gulf region. You will be able to find the services you are looking for, apart from additional information about the specific sector.