Bombardier unveils Global 6000 Premier Cabin

Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier unveiled during EBACE 2017 the Premier cabin for its Global 5000 and Global 6000 business jets. The first Global 6000 with the Premier cabin has been presented on the Static Display of Genève-Cointrin Airport. Business Explorer team had the privilege to visit the cabin during this event.

The Global family: Intercontinental Flagship of Bombardier.

The Global Family is composed of large aircrafts able to perform intercontinental flights, but also land the closest possible to the destination, with aircraft that can do step approach, even in London city airport.

With Premier cabin, Bombardier settled new standards by creating a bold and fresh contemporary interior that brings a new level of refinement to the cabin experience.

The design draws inspiration from the high-end craftsmanship in luxury automotive interiors and the spaciousness, comfort and productivity of the Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft cabins. We remember few years ago the Bombardier team was exploring design from various industries like hotels, Michelin stared restaurants or exotics cars, to find the inspiration. This was a way to benchmark the design level that private jet customers are expecting.

“Cabin comfort and sophistication are top priorities for our customers. Global aircraft already lead the industry with spectacular cabin interiors, and our new Premier cabin demonstrates that we are committed to remain ahead of the curve across all of our products,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft.
“The refined aesthetics, luxury and ambience of our new Premier cabin, combined with an advanced cabin management system and Ka-band connectivity, will result in an even more productive experience for our Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft passengers.”

The best seat in the world

Bombardier Global 6000 Executive seats

Among the cabin’s new highlights are the stylish seats and sleek side ledges, that will be occupied by the passenger for more than 12.6 hours, regarding the exceptional range of the Bombardier Global 6000, powered by two P&W engines.

“We’re designing the most complex seats in the world” said Tim Fagan, Bombardier designer.

These elements heighten the feeling of a clean design aesthetic in a cabin that is already the widest and most comfortable in its class. With its impeccable lines and flawless hand-stitched finishing, the new seat design offers improved ergonomic features, such as higher armrests, a sculpted backrest, and crisp, clean lines throughout.

“The seat design must account for human ergonomics and how people shift pressure points when they sit over time. Having the correct seat depth and the ability for the feet to contact the floor no matter the height of a passenger are key to comfort” says Tim Fagan, Bombardier manager of industrial design.

To make the seat always comfortable, the seat is lower so the passenger can always move to find a comfortable position using its feets, but also its arms that are on an armrest that is higher in order to offer more contact. With this details, the back is always in contact with the seat, and make the seating and flight more comfortable.

A Wing and Galley design that improve comfort.

The galley has been streamlined and modernized to a contemporary form, and visually stunning hardwood and stone floor coverings are available in the galley and lavatories.

The Bombardier Global 6000 is offering the smooth ride technology. The wing design make it more flexible to absorb all the turbulences of the flight and make the cabin really stable. It is possible to play domino during the flight. Technically, low turbulences that would make your bottle fall of your tray in a commercial plane are impossible to perceive on this Bombardier Global 6000.

A high-level connectivity with advanced K-Bank technology

Ka-Band system

The level of refinement is further elevated by the Global family’s unmatched cabin functionality, featuring the fastest in-flight Wi-Fi connection in the skies and the most reliable and most intuitive cabin management system available.

The connectivity is exceptional in this plane, with the K-Band technology and Bluetooth connectivity, that offers a high speed connection for all the devices. This K-band technology is the state of the art in the airplane industry: during this EBACE 2017 show, many corporation were offering solutions for high level connectivity. This solutions are using compact antennas on the plane that connect to a relay satellite emitting a signal directed to a ground antenna that provide media contents. You can operate all your devices like on the ground.

Bombardier Global 6000 is probably the best cabin in the market, offering a european style design. Many charters companies already ordered the new Premier cabin for their fleets.

Samy SAHLI, Business Explorer

Ebace 2017- Geneva, Switzerland