Develop a robust Uber-like mechanic's app to offer seamless mending services to the customer’s vehicles

angeline geo
Sep 23 · 3 min read
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While buying a vehicle costs an optimum amount of money and energy, maintaining it is another task. No matter how careful you use them, vehicles do tend to get repaired from time to time. In fact, the primary reason for the vehicles ending up in repair is poor maintenance. The reason for this could be the inability to find the mechanic shop nearby. And the most prominent reason could be not having the time to visit the mechanic shop. On-demand service apps have provided many convenient services, and Uber for the mechanic’s app is one of them providing quick mechanic services for your vehicle right at your place. Appdupe is the finest company in the market, which aids you to develop a robust Uber for mechanics app.

Solutions offered by our Uber for mechanic service app

Connecting the garage owners and users

In this platform, the users and garage owners can connect where they can get mechanic services. This app is loaded with robust features.

Management of multiple garages

Manage all the data of the garages in a locality and help the garage owners use the app and cater their service to their targeted customers.

Facilitator app for the mechanics

Small scale Mechanics and those who take up mechanic gigs in their available time can get themselves registered through the app and work as per their convenience.

How does the Uber-like mechanic app work?

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  • Customers are prompted to register on the app by either providing their mobile number, Email ID, or their social media credentials.
  • From the extensive list of mechanic services, the customer can select the service that they want.
  • After this, the notification is generated to the mechanic on the request for service by the user.
  • On confirmation of the service request by the mechanic, the customers and the mechanics can access each other’s contact and location details.
  • Mechanics reaches the customers’ place and provides vehicle repair services.
  • Customers can pay for the service availed in a multitude of ways like cash in person, debit/credit card, or through online wallets.
  • After availing the service, the customers will be asked to review the services provided and share feedback on improvements.

Parameters we meet in our on-demand mechanic app development

1.The Uber for mechanics app package includes three app solutions; an effective user app, a user-friendly mechanic app, a well-equipped admin panel.

These are vital to run the business, and the app should function with the utmost efficiency.

2. The data of all the mechanic garages as per the locality should be saved up in the app. All the data of the mechanics and the users should be saved and maintained in the strong backend of the app.

3. Your app should have a robust in-app communication system where the users and the mechanics can contact each other for mechanic services. It is also essential to provide customer services, resolving their queries.

4. An effective GPS system and navigation system is essential to assign nearby mechanics to the users and also for the mechanics to locate the user’s place quickly.

5. On your side, you need to be aware of the mechanics that register themselves in the app. They must be experienced and well-trained. You should also be willing to provide strong customer service to your users, which you can carry out using the useful admin panel we develop.

Wrapping up

At Appdupe, we provide solutions for all the above mentioned and help you develop a super functioning app. As of 2018, $300 billion was spent on car maintenance alone. Mechanic services are a large profit yielding industry, and you can be a part of it by developing the Uber-like mechanic app from us.

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