New Iguana Repellent Taking Back South Florida Backyards.

If you live in South Florida, it goes without saying, iguanas have become a fact of life. They eat your plants, they eat your dog food, they dig holes, they crap in your pool and on your deck, they stink, they carry harmful bacteria — they basically take over your backyard, in some cases, rendering it useless. In South Florida, it’s become nothing short of an epidemic, and to date, NOTHING seems to get rid of them. Until now.

Florida-based IGUANA GONE believes they have the answer: IGUANA GONE All-Natural Iguana Repellent is quickly proving to be the one thing that DOES work. Homeowners are reporting AMAZING results with IGUANA GONE. In some cases, backyards that were completely taken-over by iguanas are now iguana-free. Flowers are blooming, fruits are returning to trees, pools are clean, decks are clean. As one Ft. Lauderdale homeowner said, “I can finally enjoy my backyard and my pool after years of putting up with these beasts.”

So what is IGUANA GONE? It’s a specially-formulated, all-natural repellent that scares iguanas away, and with continued use, keeps them away. Available in a convenient 16oz spray bottle, IGUANA GONE is applied to special “scent strips” that can be attached to included ground stakes and placed throughout your landscaping, or hung from trees and shrubs. Simply saturate the scent strips with IGUANA GONE and it goes to work right away to keep iguanas away.

Of course NOTHING will work 100%, but according to many users, IGUANA GONE is the first product that comes close. It’s no wonder the IGUANA GONE website is flooded with traffic — and orders — as word-of-mouth travels fast among homeowners looking to get rid of these nuisance iguanas.

IGUANA GONE is only available via the IGUANA GONE website at It’s not sold in stores or available anywhere else. So if you’re looking to rid your backyard of those pesky iguanas, and start enjoying it once again, it may be a good idea to give IGUANA GONE a try.

Like so many other satisfied IGUANA GONE users, you just might take back your backyard again.

— P.

Phil Autelitano is founder and CEO of Mediarazzi. We develop and produce TV channels for Roku and Connected TV platforms.