Phil Autelitano, Mediarazzi Announce the Launch of The Horoscope Channel

(KNOXVILLE, TN) — Mediarazzi, a leading developer and producer of TV channels and content for Roku and Connected TV platforms is proud to announce the launch this week of The Horoscope Channel, exclusively on Roku.

The Horoscope Channel is a subscription-based channel with little to no advertising that provides daily and weekly horoscope content, as well as lots of related bonus content covering Astrology, Zodiac, Chinese Astrology, Psychics and Tarot.

The Horoscope Channel costs 99 cents/month, or $9.99 a year. It will be available of Roku the week of June 20, 2017. You can find it in the Roku channel store under Special Interest.

— P.

Mediarazzi is a leading developer and producer of TV channels for Roku and Connected TV platforms. Founcer/CEO Phil Autelitano is considered one of the foremost industry experts on Connected TV development and monetization.

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