Meet a Member: Elena Grinta

Elena has been part of the BoP community for several months, having joined us at the end of 2020. She is an entrepreneur, ethical influencer, and journalist. As a serial-entrepreneur, she has co-founded two startups: EG Media, focused on brand reputation and media content AI-driven analysis, and CybeRefund, centered around the importance of cybersecurity. With 20+ years of experience, Elena aims to educate people and businesses on the satisfaction that comes with fulfilling their eco-promise.

This is how purpose shaped Elena’s personal life and career path:

“It changed my professional (and personal) life forever. I used to work in marketing and comms and realized the better I did at work, the worst I impacted on people and the planet. I then considered Marketing a ‘weapon’ that could be used for the benefit of all humans (Cialdini was extremely useful at that time ;-)). I quit my well-paid job as director and started an innovative start-up willing to let people know better if brands walk the talk. To do that, I asked professors at the Polytechnic University to help out. Everybody could search and investigate that but nobody does! as it’s boring and time spending. What if a ‘robot’ could do it for you?! so this is how BeIntelligent was born!”

She also has some advice about how to find purposeful and meaningful work:

“My personal ‘key question’ is: who I wish to become? Whatever we do we spend at least 8 hrs per day at work; this is part of who we are and who we become. so while considering your next challenge ask yourself: how this would help becoming the person I wish?”

Learn more about Elena here.



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