Meet a Member: Michael Plater Findlay

Michael joined BoP Community a few months ago. He is the founder of Superposition Design, a business strategy, and marketing consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses launching or scaling new products & services. He has also employed his strategy, design, and marketing background in Superposition to contribute to the growth of businesses that help their people and clients thrive. To do this effectively and sustainably, Michael works by helping to connect businesses with purpose through human-centered design. He is also chair at eMERGE Guelph, where he works to bring 100% renewable energy. This non-profit organization empowers Guelph citizens to live lighter and live wealthier through the individual home, transitioning streets, and retrofitting neighborhoods.

Michael describes his purpose as:

“I’m working to help small businesses succeed through connecting their activities to a greater purpose, finding the right ways to reach their market, and making meaningful connections with their customers.”

He also describes the biggest problem in the business world as:

“The ongoing focus on net income as the target for success.”

When asked about his reason for joining the community, this is what he had to say:

“I’d like to connect with other people who want to make purpose a primary focus of business. I’d like to learn from others working in the space so that I can share that learning with others.”

Learn more about Michael here.



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